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Meet the Animals

We have a whole host of animals large and small, waiting to meet you!

In the Nursery it’s a feeding frenzy of fun loving goats. Further along you will find baby chicks and sometimes newly hatched ducklings. And don’t forget to visit our goats Ralph and Grumpy Greg!

At Farmyard Friends you will be greeted by our friendly Ponies and Alpaca amongst others. We do like to spend a lot of time outside, so if our pens are empty come and see us in the fields and paddocks. 

Next stop is our specially glazed breeding unit where you can see piglets feeding from their mothers. This is often a highlight for the whole family to experience together especially if you are lucky enough to see piglets being born.

Our bunnies and guinea pigs can be found in their own compound, often with babies cuddled up together. We have regular petting sessions so keeps an eye out for the daily events!

And if meeting all these wonderful animals isn’t enough, we have some very chatty birds in our aviary, a whole host of feathered friends in our poultry house, along with spacious paddocks that are home to a variety of cows, sheep and Shetland ponies.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a unique experience which allows your child to learn about modern farming and interact with animals in a safe and fun environment. For the welfare of all our animals we do have feeding notices around the park, so please make sure you adhere to them.

Pygmy goats at hardys animal farm

Pygmy Goats


Shetland Ponies

Highland Cows








Guinea Pigs

Wild grey chinchilla sitting on straw outdoors








Guinea Fowl





Love Birds

famous characters

Keep a look out for some of our well loved names and faces around the farm


Hi I’m Joey, the miniature spotted horse at Hardys Animal Farm. Sometimes you can meet me at my paddock to the right of the farm entrance! I love to greet our guests before they enter our farm, although I have my own specially prepared food so please do not feed me.


Well hello there, I’m Ralph. They say I’m a goat but actually I think I’m a dog. I’ve lived on Hardys Animal Farm since I was born. I love it here, despite having to live next to Grumpy Greg, who is also a little smelly (but don’t tell him I said that!). Please don’t forget to come and visit me at the far end of the Nursery and if you call my name i’ll jump up to greet you.

Grumpy Greg

Who says I’m grumpy? That’s not true, I’m just a little set in my ways and you’d be grumpy too if you had to live next door to Ralph, he’s always jumping up and bothering me. I’m the main goat Daddy on the farm and I like to keep some order in the chaos. You’ll find me down the end of the Nursery so please come and say hello.


Hello I'm Lucy! I live in Farmyard Friends but sometimes you can find me wandering and snuffling around the farm. I love nothing more than a good back scratch and having a snooze on the grass. Please don't feed me as I have my own special food.

feed the animals

Animal feed is available to purchase either online with your tickets or at the entrance to feed some of the animals as you explore the farm

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