Before you arrive: Important Information

Hey Hardy’s Animal Farm friends!

We wanted to let you know what’s been happening at our farm park. You might have noticed that we don’t have any baby pigs right now. That’s because there aren’t as many pigs in the UK as there used to be, and our suppliers have stopped breeding and we’re unable to get any at the moment. We’re working very hard to find someone who can supply us some new mums.

We also wanted to tell you that we can’t let our feathered friends roam free at the moment. That’s because the UK government has asked us to keep them safe from a sickness called avian flu. It’s important that we follow the rules to keep all our animals healthy and happy.

We know that you love to see and play with all our animals, and we’re sorry that you won’t be able to see pigs or birds running around right now. But don’t worry, we’re working hard to find new pigs and keep all our animals healthy and happy.

We hope you still enjoy visiting Hardys Animal Farm and meeting our other animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, cows, sheep, alpaca and goats. And who knows, maybe next time you visit, there will be some new baby pigs to say hello to! Also, we still have all our usual daily activities, giant play areas and special events!

We can’t wait to see you down on the farm again soon!

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