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Take our interactive quiz as you explore the farm


Interactive Farm Quiz

Take our interactive farm quiz as you explore the farm, see if you can get all the answers right!

All of the answers can be found around the farm

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What is a baby rabbit called?

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On average how many piglets are born per litter?

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What is the only continent that pigs DO NOT live on?

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Mother pigs sing to their piglets, true or false?

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In the wild, how long can a Chinchilla live?

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How high can a chinchilla jump?

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How long is the incubation time for a Chicken?

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A baby goat is called a kid but what is their mother called?

Pygmy goats at hardys animal farm

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How many stomachs does a goat have?

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What is a young female cow called?

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On average, how much milk does a cow produce a day?

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What makes Alpaca fleece so special?

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When do hens normally lay their eggs?

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How many toes do Love Birds have?

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What is the name of our resident farm tractor?

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